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How can I marry a non-U.S. citizen?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | Family Immigration

There is no reason to limit your search for a partner to just one country. Many people have found happiness with someone from another part of the world.

Aside from the problems that cultural differences can sometimes bring, there will be logistical challenges. One of the biggest can come if you wish to marry and your spouse-to-be is not a U.S. citizen.

Getting married in their country may be an option. Yet it is sometimes impossible. For example, if you are a same-sex couple and your fiancée’s country does not permit same-sex marriage.

Even if it were possible, your preferred choice might be to marry in the U.S. and live together here. If so, you need to meet the strict requirements the U.S. immigration authorities set out.

You need a K-1 fiancé visa

Getting a K-1 visa will require a lot of form filling and evidence. The immigration authorities want to be sure your love is genuine, and you are not just doing it to help the other person get into the country.

What sort of evidence do you need?

What have you got that supports your relationship? Anything that connects the two of you and shows this is not a spur-of-the-moment holiday romance is valid. VHS tape of you running along the beach together back when VHS was a thing shows longevity. Photos of you together at their little sister’s wedding or their grandmother’s funeral show others already accept you are an item.

Any paperwork that ties you together will also be a big help, for example, a joint bank account or your wills that have each other as beneficiaries.

However much evidence you have, the authorities could still reject you. Getting help to present your visa application gives you the best chance to begin your married life together in the U.S.