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Will your work visa help your spouse enter the United States?

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2022 | Family Immigration

Immigration can create opportunities for you and your loved ones, but it can also put direct pressure on your family unit. For example, if you obtain a work visa, you may feel like the only real solution is for you to travel alone. There are more costs and logistical concerns involved with relocating multiple people as opposed to just a worker with an employment visa.

You may think that you have to leave your spouse behind in another country after accepting a job in the United States of America. However, there are actually subordinate visas for the dependent spouses of workers who have visas and even students who qualify for visas. If you secure a work visa, you can potentially help your spouse enter the United States as well.

How visas for spouses work

There are dependent spousal visas available for most major visa programs. Your spouse does not receive automatic approval. Instead, they will have to apply just like you do and will need to show that they have received the appropriate medical care and have a clear criminal background to obtain a visa.

However, if they qualify, they can travel with you and stay in the United States for as long as you do. They will be able to renew their visa at the same time that you renew yours. In some cases, like when you qualify for an H-1B visa, your dependent spouse could even file a petition to secure permission to work while in the United States.

 Your immigration opportunities will benefit your spouse

When you apply for a visa, your entire family can potentially benefit if you are successful. Your spouse and minor children under the age of 21 may be able to apply for related visas and can theoretically travel with you to the United States.

Once you enter the United States, you may be able to stay for long enough to secure a green card. Becoming a permanent resident will open up even more opportunities for family immigration. If you pursue naturalization, you will have access to all of the same immigration rights as any other citizens, including helping your parents or siblings enter the country.

Learning more about family immigration opportunities can help you create the best future for your family.