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How to prepare your spouse for a green card interview

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2023 | Family Immigration

In the 21st century, it is not uncommon for people to find love on the internet. Unfortunately for many people, sometimes a loved one lives overseas or on the opposite end of U.S. borders. This can seem nearly impossible for people who want to tie the knot and return to the U.S. with their newly beloved.

However, a nonimmigrant spouse can relocate to the U.S. by seeking a green card. A green card is a kind of identification for an immigrant to prove that they took necessary precautions and evaluations to obtain residence in the U.S. One such way a nonimmigrant can get a green card is by marrying a current U.S. permanent resident.

Your marriage isn’t the only requirement to get your spouse a green card. An immigrant has to go through a green card interview process as one of their final steps. You can, luckily, prepare your spouse for their green card interview. Here’s what you should know:

What should your spouse expect?

In order for your spouse to get a green card, they’ll have to undergo an interview, as stated above. During this interview, your spouse will likely meet an immigration authority to review their documentation. As such, the immigration authorities will examine photographic evidence to ensure your spouse is who they say they are. They may even look at your spouse’s application to confirm specific details.

Additionally, your spouse will also be asked many questions by the immigration authority. One of the many questions likely going to be asked is if your spouse has committed any criminal offenses. At this point, it’s likely in your spouse’s best interest to be as candid as possible.

More importantly, your spouse will likely be asked how they met you and other personal questions. This is often standard practice to ensure your spouse is who they say they are and they aren’t committing marriage fraud. Marriage fraud happens when someone marries with the sole purpose of immigration and not the benefit of marrying someone they love.

It may seem bizarre for your spouse to be asked such mundane questions, but this likely is done to confuse people who are seeking a green card through marriage fraud. To ensure your spouse understands what’s required of them, you may need to seek legal help.