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Client Reviews And Testimonials

“I was going to file my application for my wife on my own, but I was a little nervous that my case would get delayed for some small reason. Attorneys wanted to charge me $3000 and higher for my case. When Hitch Immigration was half that amount, and they responded to me the same day, I knew that I had found the right attorney for me. Tyler and Samina did everything on time and with professionalism. Highly recommended.”

– Octavio A.

“Attorney Tyler Hitch is like a brother to me. He has been to my home and eaten food with my family. He has met with me at my store countless times. I have referred him to every person in my community. He is the nicest person I have met in this country. I wish everything for him.  Thank you for the opportunity to write this.”

– Abdoul M.

“Samina has held my hand through the hardest time in my life. Being away from my husband, and not knowing how long it would take was very stressful for me. Feeling that Samina and Tyler were taking responsibility for the legal part, was very comforting and made all the difference in the world.”

– Oma B.

“For top-notch lawyers, this is the best deal in town. And I know, I called everyone.  I had to delay my own case for personal reasons and they gave me my money back. I couldn’t believe it.  Who gives you your money back these days? Ironically, a few weeks later, I wanted to file my application again, and we sent it out the next day. Of course it was successful, and I am so grateful. Love them.”

– Cam H.